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Simatics7200plcpasswordcrackzip us rapper cardi b appears to be unimpressed with the results of kim kardashian west's surgery to reduce the size of her "b*tch nose" in a new selfie she posted to social media on wednesday (january 10). cardi and kim met up ahead of the grammy awards on sunday (january 14) in a party hosted by pharrell williams. the "bodak yellow" rapper has had the same specular nose for years, and showed off her drastically changed face during her appearance on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon last month. but it seems it's a struggle for her to get used to the new look and the singer is still working out the kinks, revealing on social media that she's still getting used to her new facial features. "i had surgery a lil over a month ago @kimkardashian," cardi posted on instagram. "she did a small nose job on herself." "i liked my nose.. u can't tell though," she added, with a laughing emoji below. cardi has risen to fame for her sassy lyrics and sexualized images, including a revealing throwback snap she posted in september of a shirtless look taken earlier this year, causing a fan backlash.q: what do you call "neat" and "pathetic"? i was discussing with a friend and he used these words, but my dictionary doesn't have any equivalents: neat = well planned, with an emphasis on being well-ordered pathetic = clumsy, uninteresting a: you can use your definition of neat for both words, but have a look at this definition from oxford dictionaries: neat: perfectly clean and tidy, especially in one's clothes, house or office she was a tidy, efficient woman. pathetic: (of a person or situation) lacking in dignity or attractiveness or conveying a powerful sense of loss or tragedy conditional test 1 warn sergey shulyaev conditional test rule desc




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