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Once Upon A Duke (Ever After)

Once Upon A Duke (Ever After) - A Historical Romance Novel by Elle Daniels

Once Upon A Duke is the second book in the Ever After series by Elle Daniels, a historical romance author who debuted with He's No Prince Charming in 2014. The series follows the adventures of different couples who find their happily ever after in Regency England.

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In Once Upon A Duke, we meet Roderick Fitzhugh, the rogue Duke of Harwood, who has been exiled from London society for years, accused of his own father's murder. Now he's back to recover his fortune, and that includes claiming the mysterious bride bound to him by an arranged contract. But the stunning lady in question turns out to be someone from his past, an innocent who deserves more than he can offer.

Lady Caroline Bradley is a fair-haired maiden in a tower, who has spent her childhood shut away from the world. She doesn't believe in happily ever after, and marriage to the notorious Harwood could ruin her for good. To break the engagement, she agrees to another scandalous alliance, one that jeopardizes more than her reputation.

But as their deception turns to desire, Lady Caroline falls for the devilish duke, even as a part of her is still trapped in that tower. Now to save them both, Rick must finally prove his worth and free her captive heart.

Once Upon A Duke is a captivating and charming story of love, redemption, and courage. It features a swoon-worthy hero, a spirited heroine, and a cast of colorful secondary characters. Fans of historical romance will enjoy this delightful and romantic tale that will make them believe in fairy tales again.

If you are interested in reading Once Upon A Duke, you can find it on [Goodreads], [Amazon], or [Barnes & Noble]. You can also check out the first book in the series, He's No Prince Charming, which tells the story of Marcus Bradley, the Earl of Beckford, and Danielle Strafford, a governess with a secret past.

For more information about Elle Daniels and her books, you can visit her [website] or follow her on [Twitter] or [Facebook].


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