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Mongodb Homework 6.2 Answer [BETTER]

For each pair, ask if a meaningful question can be proposed involving both entities, or if both entities may be used in the same transaction. If the answer is "yes " to either question determine the type of relationship that is needed to form the association.

mongodb homework 6.2 answer

Why do we need queries? Because natural languages (e.g. English) are too vague: with complex questions, it can be hard to verify that the questionwas interpreted correctly, and that the answer we received is trulycorrect. The Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardised system so that users and developers can learn one method that works on (almost) any system.

Now, with our Models & Routes set up ,let's go ahead and actually connect to our database. We will be using Cloud MongoDB Atlas for our database, so go ahead and login/register on and 'Add New Project' > 'Create a Database':


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