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Jewel Match Solitaire L'Amour Download //FREE\\ For Pc [portable Edition]

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Jewel Match Solitaire L'Amour download for pc [portable edition]

This is a great card game! Its kind of like Civilization in the way that you can spend hours in one session, thinking out every move without getting bored. Its really charming and fun! Its nice that they put this much effort and passion into a card game, and it really paid off. shame not that many people have played this game, It is most definitely worth your 1.99.. A solid solitaire-type card game with a bit of depth and a storeyline that vaguely echoes Hand of Fate. Simplistic? a bit... but for a solitaire game (and a cheap one at that) this one hits all the right buttons to keep you casually entertained for a few hours!. This one is very addictive. I love to play Solitaire. Somehow it's relaxing and calming and I get determined to clear the cards. This game is like Solitaire but different. There's a 'match 3' element to it, making the cards fall in and fill the empty spaces on the board. The music is extremely soothing and the gameplay never really ends. You don't really 'win'. You just keep going. It's great for winding down. Nice visuals, not flashy or showy like a lot of more casual-type games. I got this one on sale a long while back and just got around to trying it. Even at the regular price it's a good deal though. Definitely fun.


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