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Star Wars Games on PPSSPP: How to Download, Install, and Configure Them

X2 travels to Dantooine to meet his genetic template, Jedi Master Falon Grey, who trains X2 in the Jedi arts, teaching him how to use his Force abilities. Not long into X2's training, their location is discovered by the Empire, and X1 leads an assault. X2 manages to escape, but is badly injured, while Grey is killed during the fight. Years later, blind Jedi Master Rahm Kota finds X2 and convinces him to join the Rebel Alliance, where he forms Grey Squadron in honor of Grey. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, X2 encounters former bounty hunter Shara and convinces her to join Grey Squadron. Three years later, during the Battle of Hoth, X2 infiltrates a Star Destroyer and plants explosives to destroy it, but runs into X1, who had started training in the Dark Side of the Force. The two clones briefly engage in a duel, before both are forced to escape when the ship is destroyed.

star wars ppsspp


Yet there were a few issues that took some getting used to. While there is a manual camera control system, the game mainly has a camera system that automatically keeps itself behind your character and keeps the frantic action in view, sometimes you find yourself staring at the camera waiting for it to reset behind you. This combined with the game's attempt to keep certain fights packed with opponents, can make from some pretty chaotic battles where you'll want to just button mash to get through the area. To the game's credit though, simple button mashing won't always work.


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