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Solution For Tekla Has Stopped Working Error When Closing Software

Other error messagesTekla Structures does not start: error System.DllNotFoundExceptionTekla Structures has stopped working APPCRASH TeklaStructures.exe ntdll.dllCrashing on Startup-Kernelbase.dllSystem.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException

Solution For Tekla Has Stopped Working Error When Closing Software

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Scenario : One user (using a program my company wrote) has reported this error. This may or may not have been a one off error. They mentioned that in the last month, the computer has twice 'stopped working'. I have learnt from experience, not to take this description too literally, as it usually means that someone relating to the computer is not working as expected. They were unable to give me more details and I could not find any logged errors. Hence it may or may not have been this error.

The error was 'caught' by an unhandled exception routine which normally will close down the program, but has an option to ignore and continue. If they opted to ignore the error, then the program continued working but the error re-occurred when this routine was next run. However it did not occur again after closing and restarting our application.

TEKLA Structures 12-involved xs_server.exe issues happen during install, when xs_server.exe-related software is running, startup or shutdown, or during the Windows installation process. Keeping track of when and where your xs_server.exe error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem.

Consider the example where an XLS spreadsheet or an MDB database is referenced by your report. If those are values are hard coded paths inside your report (e.g. C:\Path\To\\Docs\Jet.mdb), then that path must be available, as referenced, or you will get a connection error or you could get a username and password prompt.ODBC as Eloquent SolutionODBC is a good portable solution. In this case, data sources are referenced by Data Source Name (DSN). So long as a working 32-bit (x86) database driver exist on the system, with the DSN referenced by the report, all will work well.

\r\n\t\t\tCSI offers an enhanced error notification service for customers wishing to comply with reporting regulations set forth by the nuclear industry. With this service, customers receive a customized notification whenever a qualifying error is found in CSI software, including the nature, scope and impact of the error and a workaround whenever possible. Customers may make their own determination as to whether the error is safety-related. Contact CSI Sales for more information about the Error Notification Service or contact sales for pricing. CSI does not report software errors directly to the NRC or any other agency. \r\n\t\t 350c69d7ab


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