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Winning Eleven 10 Patch Ps2

ENGLISH COMMENTARY PATCH download - to apply simply get the JSOUNDS.AFS file you just downloaded and copy and paste it into the folder where you saved the extracted iso. 5. Now get the MyMy Mix Patch from these links; PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - DKZ STUDIO GUIDE - (note: dkz guide is METHOD 2, ppf is method 1, u cant use ppf with this patch) - 6. Now download all the mymy updates, UNRAR and apply in this order (V2.3, V2.3.3, V2.3.4, V2.3.5, V2.3.6, V2.3.7, V2.3.8) V2.3 - V2.3.3 - (comes with option file dont use it!) V2.3.4 - (comes with option fiel dont use it!) V2.3.5 - V2.3.6 - V2.3.7 - V2.3.8 - APPLY USING DKZ STUDIO, link posted above. 7.

Winning Eleven 10 Patch Ps2

Download File:

Once you have done all that you will have to create an iml file so you can then create an iso file with your patched WE10 game. To do this follow this guide int his guide you will create an iml fiel then it will tell you how to create an iso file with DKZ STUDIO i advise you to have absolutely nothing open not even the guide webpage when trying to make the ISO, at the start most of the time it seems like it frozen just turn off the monitor and go do something else for about half an hour. If you have any problems at all post them and i will help you out as soon as possible ENJOY! WORLD SOCCER WINNING ELEVEN 10 OPTION FILE Use this option file with the patched iso (patch with mymy and fernando) and you will get all the lastest 2006/2007 kits with sponsers, they look so good! You will also get all the latest transfers done. This is what the publishers says about it '- Updated club teams numbers and 1st teams (done as much as possible, probably half as people were becoming impatient and i had a booze fueled weekend) - Sunderland, WBA replaces WEN & PES Utd - All Summer Transfers (loans to non-existent teams remain) - Premiership Promoted teams only (watford, sheffield, reading) but. Includes emblems for promoted teams (WSAG) so people can update if they want feel free to release your updated work here if you want to update this and make it better (formations numbers etc)' DOWNLOAD LINK - How to get option file onto memory card using a cd rom or (once on this site click on the 2nd link down, itll look just like the mysitewanadoo 1 above) (NOTE: you only need cdgenps2 and ps2menu, because this option file already comes with.npo file so miss out the CONVERTING TO NPO section on the link i posted abve) ENJOY!

The Master League mode, gives the user control of a team of user's selection. Originally, the players were all generic-fictional players, however this later changed giving the user the option to change the settings and choose to play with default players. These players, such as Brazilian forward Castolo, have become cult figures to many people playing the Master League. The aim is to use these players and gain points by winning matches, cups and leagues. Using acquired points to purchase real players to join the team. Ultimately, one should end up with a team of skilled players.

Fans of the series often make "option files" and "patches" which modify all player names into those of their real life counterparts, as well as including transfers from the latest transfer window and, occasionally, altered stats of more obscure players whose in-game attributes do not precisely replicate their real life skills.

"PES Stats Database" and "PES Stats" are examples of websites that are dedicated to creating accurate stats for players.[4][5] More experienced gamers often use "patches", editing the actual game code and modifying the graphical content to include accurate kits for unlicensed teams, new stadiums, and footballs from Nike, Inc., Puma, Umbro and Mitre, as well as more Adidas balls. Most patches also contain licensed referee kits from FIFA and the official logos of the various European leagues. These patches are technically a breach of copyright, and are often sold illegally in territories like South America. Konami have become less tolerant of this kind of fan editing in recent years, and now encrypt the data pertaining to kits and player statistics in each new release. However, fan communities invariably find ways to crack this encryption, and patches still appear once this has been achieved.

Since Pro Evolution Soccer 6 onwards, there has been a separate league with 18 generic teams (Team A, Team B, Team C etc.) present, which can be edited fully. This is thought to be due to the fact that Konami failed to get the rights to the German Bundesliga, and is usually made into the Bundesliga or another league of one's preference by patch makers. However, most people use this to put their edited players into playable teams from the start instead of having to play through Master League to purchase them or alternatively edit the existing non-generic teams. This feature does not appear in the Wii version of the game (but, as stated above, the non-generic teams can be edited anyway).

Since crowd animations on the PS2 version slowed down the framerate to an unplayable level in the testing phase, crowds were rendered as flat animated 2D bitmaps which, on certain angles, become unseen, making the stands appear empty; however, fully 3D-rendered crowds are present during cut-scenes. There are however fan-made patches which address this in the PC version, although no official patch was released. Official PlayStation 2 Magazine UK gave it a perfect 10/10 score.

1) Ama exete akoma ton Fakelo no label pou periexei idi to Patch ke to Update, kante aplos diplo Klick pano sto DKZ Patch WE9 Update_Greek_Team_edition_Patchfinalversion1.0, ke lete Aply patch in Folder, prosekste ke pali na dialekste DVD, Meta i kanete iso me to cd/dvdGenerator i Burn me Nero UDF/ISO !!!

2) Ama den exetai ton fakelo NO_LABEL tha ftiaksetai ksana ena ISO tou paixnidiou me to patch perasemeno tha kanete extract kasana ta arxeia tha perasete to patch me to DKZ Studio kai meta tha ftiaksete ksana to ISO me ta iml/ims arxeia i tha ta kanete Burn me to nero UDF/ISO....


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