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Anti Deep Freeze Free Download Full Version

Anti Deep Freeze Free Download Full Version

Deep Freeze is a system tool that protects and preserves the original configuration of a computer by freezing its state and restoring it after every reboot. It is useful for preventing unwanted changes, malware infections, or system errors. However, sometimes users may want to uninstall Deep Freeze or change its settings, but they forget the password or lose access to the console. In such cases, they can use Anti Deep Freeze, a free software that can disable Deep Freeze without requiring the password.

Anti Deep Freeze Free Download Full Version

What is Anti Deep Freeze?

Anti Deep Freeze is a software developed by AT4RE, a group of reverse engineers and crackers. It can disable or uninstall Deep Freeze from versions 4 to 7, even if the user does not know the password. It works by modifying the registry entries and files related to Deep Freeze, making it inactive or removable. Anti Deep Freeze is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

How to use Anti Deep Freeze?

To use Anti Deep Freeze, follow these steps:

  • Download Anti Deep Freeze from [this link] or [this link].

  • Extract the ZIP file and run the executable file as administrator.

  • Select the version of Deep Freeze installed on your computer from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on "Unfreeze" to disable Deep Freeze temporarily or click on "Uninstall" to remove it completely.

  • Reboot your computer to apply the changes.

Note: Before using Anti Deep Freeze, make sure you have backed up your important data and files, as disabling or uninstalling Deep Freeze may cause data loss or system instability. Also, use Anti Deep Freeze at your own risk, as it may not work with some versions of Deep Freeze or it may be detected as a virus by some antivirus programs.


Anti Deep Freeze is a handy tool for users who want to disable or uninstall Deep Freeze without knowing the password. It can save them from the hassle of reinstalling the operating system or contacting the technical support. However, users should be careful when using Anti Deep Freeze, as it may have some risks or limitations. For more information about Anti Deep Freeze, you can visit [this page] or watch [this video].


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