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The Best Features of Winning Eleven 9 English Commentary - GamingBolt

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Frederick Douglass, then a resident of Massachusetts, attended the meeting. He dissented from the majority opinion of support for the Liberty Party. Rather than direct political party action, which Douglass feared would only further distance the two main parties form anti-slavery/civil rights issues, Douglass argued that blacks should continue winning support through arguments and moral persuasion.19 Black leaders organized the first national convention to discuss issues in 1843. The Convention, the "National Convention of Colored Citizens," was held in Buffalo on August 15 of that year. Amos Beman, an important religious leader from Connecticut, was chosen president. Frederick Douglass, a representative from Massachusetts, was chosen one of five vice presidents. Like the state convention, the national convention voted to officially support the platform of the Liberty Party. The only two dissenting votes came from Douglass and Charles Remond, also a representative from Massachusetts and one of Garrison's followers.20


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