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Skyrim Curvy Body Mod

If you are looking for more defined muscles that show how mesmerizingly fit your sim is, look no further. This is an excellent addition to the existing body customization available in Sims 4. So, if you want to make your sims a smoking hot showstopper, this is preset for you. And the best part is, this is one of the sims 4 body presets cc works that magic with teens and elders and well! You can get yours on this page.

skyrim curvy body mod

Your Sims ladies can now seduce with a single glance, all thanks to this dreamy preset. Not only is it alluring and curvy in all the rights spots, but this body mod also works excellent with sliders, and is customizable! Check it out on this page.

This is an ideal preset when looking to make a Sims with model features. Muscles are long, lean, and defined, and the body is also covered in minimal tattoos for a more authentic look. This is a body of an influencer or a lifestyle blogger that enjoys taking long walks in Bali and taking bikini photos. You can check it out and get one for yourself on this page.

Elegant, charming, and gracious, Sophie body preset brings a dash of femininity and gentleness into your favorite game. The lower belly, tighs and calve muscles have a nice curve and give you a great basic to work with when making your dream female. You can do yoga, dance, or simply go for a walk, but no matter what you do, your Sims will look dashing! Check it out on this page.

Imagine not having to have a tight gap and being happy and free in your body? Well, your Sims girls now can have that and they will love it as much as you do! Honey body preset gives the game diversity, and even the bellies look more realistic. Check it out here.


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