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[S1E3] Anger Management

Confronted by Don Wilson, the man with all the charm of a Klingon with anger control issues, the dangerous pheromones are released into the Alpha offices, causing everyone to go utterly bonkers. And much to the relief of this writer, Don gets what he deserves when one of his fellow agents beats him to death with a chair.

[S1E3] Anger Management

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The only twist to the death of Don was that it was clear, watching her emote, that Nina realised that Mathew, the anger generator, was lying. Yet, she chose not to mention this to anyone at any point. What gives?

However, the fat guy recorded the fights with his phone, and the Turtles failed to retrieve the phone from him! Back at the sewer, everybody blames Raph for his temper being the cause of the failure. In order to overcome the temper, Splinter asked the others to shoot Raph with arrows and Raph has to avoid it. The first wave is perfect, as Raph manages to evade every single arrow. But for the second wave, Splinter asks the other Turtles to insult Raph while shooting, and Raph cannot fight back. It appears when Raph is angry, he is vulnerable to his surroundings, which could led them to danger. I find the training really cool, and enjoyed when the others mock Raph.

Charlie escapes by hauling her and everyone else into group. Lacey continues hitting on Charlie in front of everyone. She says she uses love to get sex because love is meaningless but sex lasts forever. She realizes she has anger issues from when her dad left when she was a kid.

Tony Soprano- Look. Let's understand each other from the get-go here, okay? I'm in the carton and waste management business. I'm only here 'cuz uh, I'm a friend of Silvio's, you're a friend of Silvio's. You may be having a family problem that I can help you with. And if I can do it, that will make me happy. (Hillel scoffs) What's your fucking problem, Hil?

Denial, anger, and acceptance are the first, second, and fifth stages, respectively, described in the Kübler-Ross model. These stages pertain to people suffering from terminal illness (such as Jackie Aprile); they also apply to any form of catastrophic personal loss, which many other characters face in this and other episodes.

All of the McNamaras (except for Annie) have finished eating breakfast when Officer Stone arrives and tells Julia that she must choose between taking an animal anger management class or a $5,000 fine for flushing Annie's gerbil.

The Thinking Spot is used frequently in the episode Missing Links, as Team Spyro gathers around it when questioning their current issues with the Fire Viper Training Simulation, and Master Eon mulling over the dangers of Kaos discovering the map to the Core of Light. After the Team fails another attempt with the help of Cy, King Pen requests a place to think over possibly dismantling the Imaginator, and Master Eon takes him to the spot offscreen.Later on, in another attempt to think their problems through, the Team is attacked by a Fire Viper and defeat it with Cy's guidance.

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Alex Dawson is a psychologist who conducts anger management group sessions for NYPD officers. Dawson works as a private therapist as well, as seen in Unfinished Business, when Baez found out Corporal Russell had been seeing him for PTSD.

In Warriors, Sergeant Gormley sends Detective Reagan to mandated anger management group therapy sessions. Dawson does not react to Danny's snarky comments and discomfort at being there; he simply re-directs Danny and the group to the topic of controlling their anger. Near the end of the episode, Danny goes to talk to Dawson one-on-one, but refuses to "rehash" Fallujah and his brother Joe's death, leading Doc to ask him: "How do you plan to keep it all from eventually catching up with you?"--a question Danny is unable to answer.

The Thinking Spot is used frequently in the episode Missing Links, as Team Spyro gathers around it when questioning their current issues with the Fire Viper Training Simulation, and Master Eon mulling over the dangers of Kaos discovering the map to the Core of Light. After the Team fails another attempt with the help of Cy, King Pen requests a place to think over possibly dismantling the Imaginator, and Master Eon takes him to the spot offscreen.

In the opening, we see young Cassian again, as he bravely enters the crashed ship. As he maneuvers around the dead crew and the examines the rest of the ship, it is clear that some kind of gas likely poisoned them. But Cassian pauses when he sees his own face in a shiny control panel, before his anger erupts and he begins to smash stuff.

After Patty learns that Roxie and Stella Rose are using her, she opts to enter a crawfish eating contest out of anger while Armstrong confronts Stella Rose about her side shenanigans. Basically, she is coaching Roxie for the Miss American Lady pageant and wanted to check out the competition since Patty will be competing as well.

Flashback: Kenari. Young Cassian boards the crashed ship and, wishing to take his anger out on something, begins destroying everything in sight. Enter Maarva, who expected to be able to scavenge some valuable items from the crash but definitely did not expect a child to beat her to it. Not wanting to leave him behind in case he bears the wrath of whoever might be on the approaching Republic ships, she sedates him and carries him away.

For most of the show, we've never seen Cat actually get angry. Like REALLY REALLY angry. But one day, the gang realize why it's a bad idea to tick her off. It all starts like this. You see, some jerk decides to pick on Cat and she doesn't do anything about it. Tori, shocked, tells her that it's not healthy to keep her anger bottled up inside like that. So, she decides to teach Cat to get angry when she needs to. Initially, she doesn't seem to get mad at all, but when the jerk, named Bob, returns and rips the head of Cat's unicorn doll, she gets really mad and beats up Bob. Initially, Tori applauses, but Cat doesn't stop. She starts wrecking up Hollywood Arts and starts smashing the city.

Sikowitz explains that when she flipped out, all the anger she kept bottled up throughout the show was finally unleashed and that she could destroy the entire continent if left unchecked. They find Cat, who is wrecking up Los Angeles, and they finally manage to talk to her calmly and make Bob apologize, finally calming Cat down and saving the city.

In this episode, it seems like Hibiki and Tsubasa will never get along. This, plus the stress of almost daily battle, is making Hibiki so tired and distracted that she can't even get her homework done on time. Meanwhile, there's going to be a meteor shower, and Miku and Hibiki promised each other they'd watch it together. However, a Noise alert messes up their plans, and since Hibiki has to keep her Symphogear a secret, she has to break her promise to Miku without being able to tell her why. She takes out her anger on the Noise, going into a "berserk mode" that makes her more violent and powerful. Is this the last we'll see of Hibiki's blind rage? And who is the new girl with the white armor who appears before Hibki and Tsubasa?

Tony had started taking boxing classes as a court-mandated anger management court. During one of the classes, Caleb, his coach, asked him if he got something on his mind. Tony ignored the question and asked Caleb to sign a form for his probation officer. Caleb wanted to go in the boxing ring with him before he's done with his sessions, but Tony refused.

Tony drove Tyler to an unknown place after his attempted school shooting. Tyler screamed at Tony not to touch him, but Tony managed to calm him down and take his gun from him. He and clay brought Tyler home, and stayed the night. They discussed helping Tyler and wondered what made him almost shot up the school. They also got rid of Tyler's guns by throwing them in the water. Tony helped Tyler recover by hanging out with him and giving him boxing lessons to manage his anger.[26]

Ryan is Tony's ex-boyfriend. Tony had a crush on Ryan and asked him out. Their relationship didn't work out, but they remained friendly with each other. For example, Ryan offered to go to court with Tony and he made sure he didn't say anything in court that could get Tony in danger. Tony would invite Ryan to sit with him and Caleb when he was stood up by a date. 041b061a72


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