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[S2E10] The Transformation

The crew decides to split up, boys vs. girls, to figure out a way to create their own spectacular transformation presentation that will get them recognition. While the girls work on a multi-faceted cape, the boys decide to work on a lazy susan of sorts that will aid in the cape switch timing.

[S2E10] The Transformation

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A common thread throughout the conversation was how each woman cultivated a sense of curiosity and tenacity throughout their careers by exploring hard problems and finding potential solutions, seeking ways to elevate the supply chain function within corporations, and helping teams embrace digital transformation, all while guiding and inspiring others along the way.

  • Teal'c is stung by an alien insect and begins to undergo a startling transformation upon returning to earth. The rest of the team is caught in a frantic race against time to save him, but their efforts are hindered by Colonel Maybourne, who views Teal'c's transformation as an opportunity for study."Bane" provides examples of the following tropes: Admiring the Abomination: Dr. Harlow does this with the insects on occasion.

  • All Webbed Up: During the final stages of the transformation, the victim ends up wrapped in some kind of web-like cocoon.

  • Apocalypse How: Somewhere between local to planetary scope where the bugs have taken over the human civilization. The city where the stargate is located had no humans, but their technology and architecture was still around.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: O'Neill says it best:O'Neill: Carter, there are bugs on that planet! Big, huge, ugly, honkin' bugs!!

  • Bizarre Alien Reproduction: The bugs reproduce by stinging a human host to inject them with venom which then somehow re-writes their DNA until they transform into more bugs.

  • Body Horror: Teal'c spends most of the episode slowly mutating into giant space bugs. Plural.

  • Bring It Back Alive: O'Neill, Daniel and Carter return to the planet to try and catch one of the bugs alive in the hopes it will help them find a cure for Teal'c's condition.

  • Chest Burster: The footage brought back from the planet shows several bugs exploding from the body of one of the unlucky victims.

  • Does That Sound Like Fun to You?: When Teal'c runs into a group of young street punks:Teal'c: Remove yourself from my path.Punk: Listen to this guy. I'll "remove myself" when you tell me how they do tattoos like that on Chulak.Teal'c: The skin is cut with an Orak knife. Molten gold is then poured into the wound.Punk: Ow, man, don't that hurt when they do that?Teal'c: Tremendously.

  • "Eureka!" Moment: Fraiser and Carter realize that the tank they're keeping Teal'c's symbiote in is missing an electrical charge off the back of O'Neill making a flippant remark about about trying to defibrillate it.

  • Excellent Judge of Character: Ally likes to think of herself as this, saying she can smell out the good guys and bad guys. She trusts Teal'c and hides him from the police and Mayborne's people looking for him, pointedly refusing to help Mayborne, telling him she doesn't like how he smells.

  • For Science!: Harlow's primary motivation, though he proves himself to be a fairly decent guy by the end.

  • Heel Realization: Harlow has one of these mid-sentence when he realizes that Maybourne intends to let the transformation run its course so that the creatures can be studied.

  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: Teal'c asks O'Neill to kill him if the transformation progresses too far.

  • Intergenerational Friendship: Teal'c forms a bond with a young-but-streetwise girl named Ally who assumes he is a fugitive and helps him to hide from the cops.

  • Jurisdiction Friction: O'Neill and Maybourne both have their search teams in a race to find Teal'c before the other when he runs.

  • LEGO Genetics: The alien bug venom is said to re-writing Teal'c's DNA to turn him into not just one but several bugs. There is some small attempt to justify this when Harlow says that DNA cannot alter DNA and there must be some kind of retrovirus involved, but still, biology does not work that way.

  • Literal-Minded: Many instances when Teal'c is talking to Ally, given her use of street slang.Ally: Don't sweat it.Teal'c: I cannot help it.

  • The Movie Buff: Ally appears to be one, as she makes references in conversation to The Godfather, The Fugitive, and James Bond.

  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: Averted; Fraiser specifically says that genetics isn't her field and she's out of her depth, so Carter calls in Dr. Timothy Harlow as a renowned geneticist she worked with at the Pentagon.

  • Painful Transformation: You know it must be painful if it can reduce Teal'c to agonized screams.

  • Samus Is a Girl: Ally is introduced this way, complete with Compressed Hair.

  • Shout-Out: The scene where near the end of the episode where Teal'c is wrapped in a cocoon and muttering "kill... me..." is very reminiscent of the infamous scene from Aliens.

  • Sophisticated as Hell:O'Neill: [about Maybourne] General, permission to beat the crap out of this man?

  • The Swarm: Leads to a very big Oh, Crap! moment for the team at the start of the episode, when Teal'c has just been stung and they still think they're only dealing with the one bug:Daniel: Uhhhh, I think we should probably get going now.O'Neill: No, really?[A massive swarm of bugs appears over the horizon.]Daniel: No, really.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: Carter is furious when she realizes that Harlow must have told Maybourne what was going on, although he insists that he didn't know about Maybourne's ulterior motives and he's probably right about the SGC lacking the resources to deal with the situation.

Henrietta's head and neck transformation was a great tribute to her second form in The Evil Dead II, and Ash eventually getting the upper hand and cutting off the head of that snake was a great end to this skirmish.

Two weeks before opening night, rehearsals for the Beast's transformation scene prove to be chaotic and underprepared. Miss Jenn discovers that North High has acquired the technical set design specifications from the original Broadway production, which inspires her to reconsider her plans for the scene. The theater students band together to conceive a new plan for the transformation. Meanwhile, Seb feels insecure in his relationship after Carlos returns from his vacation. Ricky helps Carlos write and perform a song for Seb, "In a Heartbeat", in order to address his feelings and consolidate their relationship. Gina and E. J. arrange to go on a date. After Kourtney obtains the technical plans from Howie, the cast set up a theatrical rigging system in order to suspend Ricky in the air on stage when the Beast transforms into a human. The students enter the auditorium and organize the wires unsupervised, elevating Ricky into the air. During the run-through of the transformation scene, the rope stretches and breaks, causing Ricky to fall to the ground.

However, it is certainly not unheard of for a transformation programme to be approved in part, at least, on a commitment to reduce headcount costs, but with little real understanding of how this is going to be achieved. So, whether your business case is based on a detailed bottom up cost analysis, or a top down cost reduction commitment, in a business case you should really resist the urge to dive straight into designing systems and processes until you actually reach consensus on young target operating model design.

A transformed Shiva continues to battle Raiden. Shiva is entirely different, posing a new challenge for Raiden. After the transformation, Raiden has a low probability of winning; fire versus muscles is the decider.

Get insider insights for navigating the transformations impacting the application delivery world. Quality, DevOps, cloud, and business innovators share ideas in 10-minute episodes. Grab a coffee and tune in!

In a flashback, we see the exchange between Jackson and Matt where Matt loans him his camera. Only this time, we see Matt go to his car and call up a Ustream app on his phone. It connects to the camera he just gave Jackson. As Jackson falls asleep, Matt sits back and watches. He starts to fall asleep himself but wakes up in time to see Jackson sit up with glowing eyes. He watches Jackson's transformation into the kanima and then hears something approaching his car. In his sideview mirror, he sees the kanima coming around the car.

With the children, they are playing red light, green light, with Ulric being it. After a while, Brooha barges in, confused about the fact that they are playing together. When they all realize that they are still kids, they demand for a cure, ending up in making Brooha angry, and getting her book, attempting to create an unhappy ending. Even when scared, the kids try to transform, although they are unsure if it'll work. After a transformation, they are still kids, but have their powers.

The pursuing soldiers finally reach the outskirts of the forest. Noticing the light of a Titan transformation, Commander Erwin orders the troops to disperse and enter the forest. As the MPs face significant difficulties against the Titans, the rest of the soldiers avoid combat in favor of seeking out Eren. A scream is heard deeper in the forest, and the Scouts pursue until they come across Ymir's Titan. Conny stops the others from attacking her, asking her where the others have gone.

For more information about how our experts help the sourcing and procurement function design and sequence key transformational strategies to assure effective and efficient execution of best-practice-based business process improvement, contact us.

The Hackett Group is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, with particular expertise in performance benchmarking and process transformation. Leveraging our renowned benchmarking and best practices database, we provide clients with fact-based advice that drives cost optimization and improved service quality across back-office functions including the finance, human resources, procurement, information technology and supply chain organizations. We offer expert offshoring and outsourcing consulting. In finance, we can help you apply proven best practices to business cost management, and support your development of a finance strategy that aligns with corporate strategy and elevates the business value of the finance function. We also offer supply chain consulting that can help you form a forward-looking supply chain strategy and better manage supplier relationships and inventory. 041b061a72


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