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Interseting Citation In Report In Word For Mac [2021]

When writing large documents such as a report that contains a lot of information, a contents page may not be enough. An Index should appear at the end of the document, with page numbers to keywords and information in the report. Create an index to help the reader reference the right information with just the page number.

Interseting Citation In Report In Word For Mac

A company report might not need a bibliography but an academic paper isn't finished without one. The bibliography is one of the most painstaking jobs in an academic report. You need to have all your citations in order before you sit down to frame the bibliography. Also, decide on the citation style (typically MLA, APA, or Chicago-style) as per the guidelines of your subject.

EMTALA citations have been made because the on-call physician either failed to appear when called or appeared late, which has generally been accepted to be >30 to 60 minutes after being called. Although this time is not a rule according to HCFA, New Jersey and West Virginia have state laws mandating an ED specialty consultation within 30 minutes of being called (19). Should the on-call physician refuse to appear or appear late, the emergency physician is responsible for reporting this to HCFA. In addition, if it is well documented in the chart that all efforts were made to obtain on-call consultation (e.g., calling the head of the department or the hospital administrator), the ED physician should not be subject to sanctions for transferring the patient in unstable condition. If the patient has to be transferred because the on-call physician does not report, EMTALA requires that the name of the physician be placed on the transfer form. The receiving hospital has an obligation to report the physician to HCFA. The physician is subject to civil fines (up to $50,000) and potential malpractice liability, as well as possible exclusion from Medicare.

Abstracts should concisely summarize the subjects, conclusions, and results of the manuscript. In the abstracts of experimental papers, specify the quantities measured and objects studied and clearly describe the experimental conditions. Avoid coined words and unexplained acronyms. Abstracts should be self-contained and should not include footnotes or citations to references, as abstracts are reprinted in abstracting journals and databases where such information is not useful. Note that Comments and Replies submitted to PRL do not require abstracts.

The full author list of cited papers should be given in the references, except when the number exceeds 10 (for Physical Review Physics Education Research the limit is 3). When citations are made to internal reports, other items not available in the published literature, or unpublished work, it is the responsibility of the author to provide sufficient information to enable the reader to obtain a copy of the cited material. Citations to papers published in peer-reviewed journals are considered primary references. Citations to e-print archives should not be used in place of primary references. Citations to classified reports or other documents with restricted circulation should be avoided. All citations, including those cited in figure and table captions, should be listed in the reference section.


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